Revision History


  • Added Help file
  • Fixed running in background issues
  • Improved GUI stability


  • The new version comes with a fresh new look :
  • -Three windows Main, Module and Interrupt that can arrange as required.
    -All windows grouped in Notification area without taking space from taskbar.
    -Windows positions are recalled upon program restart.


  • Models added :
  • PIC16F1516, PIC16F1517, PIC16F1518, PIC16F1519
    PIC16F677, PIC16F685, PIC16F687, PIC16F689, PIC16F690
    PIC16LF627A, PIC16LF628A, PIC16LF648A
    PIC18LF24J10, PIC18LF25J10, PIC18LF44J10, PIC18LF45J10

  • Features :
  • -Time / Frequency domain selection
    -Interrupt Registers window
    -Datasheet download

  • Fixed :
  • -Minor Timer issues
    -Improved comments


  • Models added :
  • PIC10F200, PIC10F202, PIC10F220, PIC10F222
    PIC18F2450, PIC18F4450
    PIC18F66J60, PIC18F66J65, PIC18F67J60
    PIC18F86J60, PIC18F86J65, PIC18F87J60
    PIC18F96J60, PIC18F96J65, PIC18F97J60

  • Added :
  • -Maximum oscillation frequency for each model
    -Generated code highlighting
    -"Copy" availability in -Generated Code- Window

  • Fixed :
  • -In all code comments oscillator frequency units
    -Code notation on T0CK under Mid-Range Architecture

  • Auto-check for updates and revision notifications


  • Registers are calculated with consideration on overflow
  • TMR4 and TMR2 replaced by PR4 and PR2


  • Added models : PIC16F83, PIC16F84, PIC16FCR83, PIC16FCR84
  • Improved save options
  • Fixed database dumps


  • Added models : PIC12F683 , PIC16F627, PIC16F628
  • Generation of code now considers Tcy (time of instruction cycles)
  • Improved "Module Properties" user interface
  • Comments in calculated code became more accurate
  • Fixed Timer 3 code generator error for HI-TECH compiler


  • Added models : PIC18F4515, PIC18F452, PIC18F8722, PIC18F4520, PIC18F2420, PIC18F4420, PIC18F2520
  • Available search in "Select Model" window
  • Now during installation you can define program path
  • Configured modules return not only code but the values you entered to calculate
  • Warnings for unsuitable values to calculator now displayed
  • .Net Framework 4 request integrated pending installation


  • First stable version release