Technical FAQ

Where disappeared all modules i configured?

Once you select a different model all your current configurations are gone. So before you change a model you can save all your calculated code using "Save"/"Save All" button.

Why "Calculate" buttons are hidden?

The calculate buttons will be hidden as long as you didn't fill minimal needed values or the values you supplied aren't correct.

Why "Save All"/"Copy All" button is hidden?

There have to be at least two modules calculated (cheked in "Select Module" window) in order to make those buttons visible.

Why i don't see any models listed?

You probably messed with installation directory, please reinstall the program.

How to remove only one module of those that i configured?

Click on the check box near configured module.

I change a compiler but my configurations remains the same.

Once the code is generated you can only navigate through it or remove it, on the other hand if you change your compiler just press "Calculate" again and override the current code.

Why i can't save my configurations for next time i open a program?

Currently this version don't allow you to.

Why there is only TIMER0 and TIMER1, but i can't see TIMER2 and TIMER3?

Not all models have all timers, more over timers can have the same name but have a different register configuration bits.